Monday, April 21, 2014

Blushing Beauty

Bubble Necklace - WildButterflyBoutique
Random sets of Bangles - OASAP
Earrings - Ardene
Black Vintage Pumps

It's been over a year since I transitioned my blog from a random journal to a full packed outfit diary. Due to it I had an opportunity to see my own changes in how I style my daily outfits to how I present myself. I still remember when first post my outfit post, I was extremely stiff and didn't know what to do. However, after a few posts and your lovely comments/suggestions I slowly was able to open up. Soon after that my style on how I dress to school had definitely changed, I never cared about the way I looked and even now I don't care. However blogging taught me that I don't have to dress a certain way to present myself, but rather just wear pieces I love since they gave me confident. Well, I wanted to quickly put this out there, because this morning when I wore this outfit combo my whole family was extremley suprised with my look. My dad told me that I look extremely confident in this look and I am not going to lie, but I did get a lot of stares from random people. However I wasn't embrassed but I felt proud!! This is one of my biggest fashion risk, since I paired this outfit with two different trends plus both pieces had their own piece of statement. But to my surprise everything worked out as I planned and this is one of my favourite outfit look till this day. So, what do you guys think about this outfit combo and would you ever copy this combo. And also, how would you style your stripe leggings?

Lively little zebra for any style you like:
My lovely fans, inner coupon for you10%offleggings 
Save another 10% for the leggings on 24th April.

I can't wait to read all your comments regarding this topic.
Well, take care everyone and hope you all have a wonderful day.

Harija Ravi

Friday, April 18, 2014

Blossom Forth

Random sets of Bangles (mostly gifted from my sister)
Earrings - Ardene
Black Pants - Ardene
My Regular Black Boots 

One of my readers from @ReAnGaYa sent me this poem on twitter last week 
and for some reason I felt that it worked perfectly with this particular outfit.
~ ~
(By Aufie Zophy)
I am a little purple flower
My petals so extremely small
I 've stood in the grass for many an hour
Enjoying a breeze most of all

But, oh, what happened to my peers! 
Just yesterday, it moved me to tears
While the children of John were playing their game
My peers were trampled to death, what a shame

When just before that, some bigger flowers were damaged
The children were scolded badly by John
But when my brothers were ravaged
It was noticed, sadly, by none

Today, however, I had a reason to smile
A nerd, or so he must be
Looked at this little purplish flower, a while
And took a picture of me

Even if tomorrow, to the worst of my fears
I have to die, as yesterday my peers
I will do so happily
since someone has seen the beauty in me.
~ ~

Thank you so much @ReAnGaYa for sent this poem to me!!
Also, thank you so much to all my lovely readers for all the wonderful comment as well as the support.
I really appreciate it and this week have been extremely hectic so I decided to keep this post simple just like my last few post. On Monday, I will definitely be back with another post for you all!!

Anyways, have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend!!

Harija Ravi

Thursday, April 17, 2014

NylonJournal Giveaway (Ends 4/30)

 It's time for another giveaway!! Since spring here is here, I know that many of you are eager to wear to dress out doors, but sadly due to the unsettle weather wearing dresses or even skirt is impossible. I love wearing dress but the cold weather doesn't allow me to wear them so I have to wait until the mid of May to rock my favourite dress. But recently I have started styling my favourite pieces with tights. At first it was weird, since it just felt weird. But now I am totally use to it!! So, if you want to get a pair for yourself check out Nylon Journal

Giveaway Time
Nylon Journal is giving ONE lucky readers the color wheel tights in the color of their choice!
SO many colors to choose from! Giveaway open to US and Canada.

What are the rules to enter the giveaway?
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Well, Good Luck to you all!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Light as a Feather"

Why would you want to be light as a feather?
So you can fly?
Feathers don't fly.
The air pushes them around. 
They have no control.
They tend to thrive only on influence from others.
They don't have their own lives.
They're easily lost in a crowd.
Feathers are short-lived and easily damaged.
They have no strength to defend themselves.
No feather has ever lifted or helped another. 
They are too frail when held.
I like how I'm not as light as a feather,
'Cause there's something TO me... unlike that wisp in the wind.
-Author Unknown
(I found this poem on the Poetry On TTC)

Also, the white lace blouse in 3D embroidery will be $11.99 on April 17th, a discount of 64%.
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Well have a great weekend and take care!!

Harija Ravi

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Printed (Featuring @NylonJournal)

I am back with another post and today I decided to do a quick post featuring Nylon Journal.
This spring if you are lookign for ways to spice up your wardrobe or even want to go crazy over the interesting and fashionable legwears then definitely check out Nylon Journal. Nylon Journal offers a wide variety of tights, stockings, socks, and more that are convenient, comfortable, and fashionable!   I received a pair Floral Microfiber Tights from Nylon Journal. I love the pair of floral tights I received, since I am the weather is extremely dull in Toronto at the moment, I am into wearing bring colours right noe. So, this is definitely a great way to add a pop of clour to a daily black and white combo. Plus, since it has been raining all day I decided to wear my boots or I would have opted for a cute pair of hight heels. I am definitely in love with them and they are just perfect. Also, since it exams I find this so comfortable and definitely a great piece to have in your closet. Bylon Journal has officially stolen my heart and I will be spend my free on their site browsing around for more unique legwear pieces.

'Nice 'Black Top - Forever21
Black Tank Top - H&M
Boots - H&M

(What do you guys think about these tights ... Floral Microfiber Tights from Nylon JournalAren't they classy and elegant? Perfect for spring and definitely cozy!!)

Definitely keep a look out for tmmr's post featuring another intermational giveaway!!

Anyways, take care and have a wonderful day!!
Also, I will be do another post tommorow


"Greek" Print Grey T-shirt you have never seen before!
Sold at the price of $9.99, original price is $26.99,up to 63%off.
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140 pieces for size S,
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Rings for Mothers (Featuring

A Mother is one who understands the things you say and do. Who always overlooks your faults and sees the best in you. A Mother is one whose special love inspires you day by day. Who fills your heart with gladness in her warm and thoughtful way; A Mother is all these things and more - the greatest treasure known. And the dearest Mother in the entire world is the one I call my own. 

Mother’s Day is just right around the corner and its fast approaching. Each year I have a hard time find her something special for her, when I was younger I happily made her a handmade card but know as I get older I want to give her something special that she can treasure for the rest of her life. Well, being success and a great human being is one of the best gifts ever to any parent. Other than that, I really want to give her something unique has she has with her for eternity such a dainty ring piece.

 Getting the parent their own pair of Mother’s Rings is an excellent idea. I don’t know about your parents, but my mother loves rings. She mentioned it all the time and this year I came across a website called Please note that the prices on the website are expensive, however it’s worth it since each piece of jewellery are customized in your choice. You can choose to have the ring designed in yellow gold or even white gold.  You can engrave messages in them, plus even added your mother’s birthstone with the diamond accents. The best part of it is that you have the options on choosing the amount of gemstones placed in the ring. Therefore, each piece will be unique and different from one another.

Also, check them out facebook: 

And if you are interested in making a purchase here is a 15% OFF Discount Code 
(Plus you will get a free Gemstone Pendant FREE with every purchase)

Well, check out and let me know what you think about the website and their products? 
Also, what are you guys planning to do for your mothers for Mother’s Day?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The CitrusZinger

In the beginning of March, as I was going through my facebook page I came across a neat product called CitrusZinger through the website called I am not a huge fan of drinking water, but as soon as I saw the CitrusZinger I tweeted about it. Also, I got in touch with to get more information about the product and after a few emails; they were sweet enough to send me one.

To use it you need to follow three steps:
1) Press
2) Twist
3) Infuse

So why use lemons?
Lemons are packed like a clown car with nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Drink it first thing in the morning, and wait 15 to 30 minutes to have breakfast.

11 Benefits of Lemon Water

1. Gives your immune system a boost.
Vitamin C is like our immune system’s jumper cables, and lemon juice is full of it. The level of vitamin C in your system is one of the first things to plummet when you’re stressed, which is why experts recommended popping extra vitamin C during especially stressful days.

2. Excellent source of potassium.
As already mentioned, lemons are high in potassium, which is good for heart health, as well as brain and nerve function.

3. Aids digestion.
Lemon juice not only encourages healthy digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract, it helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, burping, and bloating.

4. Cleanses your system.
It helps flush out the toxins in your body by enhancing enzyme function, stimulating your liver.

5. Freshens your breath.
It also helps relieve toothaches and gingivitis (say wha?). Because the citric acid can erode tooth enamel, either hold off on brushing your teeth after drinking lemon water or brush your teeth before drinking it.

6. Keeps your skin blemish-free.
The antioxidants in lemon juice help to not only decrease blemishes, but wrinkles too! It can also be applied to scars and age spots to reduce their appearance, and because it’s detoxifying your blood, it will maintain your skin’s radiance.

7. Helps you lose weight.
Lemons contain pectin fiber, which assists in fighting hunger cravings.

8. Reduces inflammation.
If you drink lemon water on a regular basis, it will decrease the acidity in your body, which is where disease states occur. It removes uric acid in your joints, which is one of the main causes of inflammation.

9. Gives you an energy boost.
Lemon juice provides your body with energy when it enters your digestive tract, and it also helps reduce anxiety and depression. 

10. Helps to cut out caffeine.
I didn’t believe this until I tried it, but replacing my morning coffee with a cup of hot lemon water has really done wonders! I feel refreshed, and no longer have to deal with that pesky afternoon crash. Plus, my nerves are thankful.

11. Helps fight viral infections.
Warm lemon water is the most effective way to diminish viral infections and their subsequent sore throats. Plus, with the lemon juice also boosting your immune system, you’ll simultaneously fight off the infection completely.

**I received this information from Health Canada Webpage**

Disclaimer: I was given this CitrusZinger as a gift from and it did not influence my opinion on the product.



White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt

1am 3rd April GMT, lasts only 24 hours!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week 2014: NARCES' Fall Collection

Designer Bio (@_NARCES): NARCES is a Toronto-based Canadian Fashion Label that is designed by Nikki Wirthensohn, NARCES is known for creating a womenswear line that specializes in evening wear. Wirthensohn is a Canadian of Persian heritage who was born in Austria, and grew up in Iran and the U.K. Wirthensohn holds a Master’s degree in Business from Canada and The Netherlands. With NARCES, Wirthensohn combines her very successful business career with a talent and love for fashion design. Reference received from: World MasterCard's Toronto Fashion Week for Fall 2014
NARCES’ Fall 2014 collection is classy, elegant and extremely sexy in a sophistical way without showing too much skin. All the dresses were featured in vibrant colours with different types of unique features such as mesh detailing, velvet trimming, lace and beading/gem embroidery. Each of the styles was also featured in many unique types such as A-Line, Mini, Midi and even Maxi. To be frank, I was speechless during the show and really wish I had a time machine during that particular show so I can watch the whole runway walk again (live).
Three of my favourite pieces from the whole collection are:

After watching NARCES’ show, I really wanted to attend a red carpet event or even a formal gala so I can wear one of NARCES’ dresses. NARCES’ Fall collection wins my votes for the most elegant and sexy outfits for 2014.

If you are interested to see the whole show here:

Once again, thank you so much to Fashion Weekly Magazine, I was given an opportunity to attend World MasterCard's Toronto Fashion Week for Fall 2014. 
All the images in this post are from:

Toronto Fashion Week 2014: Anu Raina's Fall Collection

Designer Bio (@Anu_Raina): Anu Raina is a Canadian fashion designer who has been featured in Globe and Mail, CBC, and National Post. She went to London College of Fashion to study B.Tech for women’s wear and also graduated with honours in Sheridan College for the Textile Program. Reference received from: World MasterCard's Toronto Fashion Week for Fall 2014
Anu Raina’s Fall 2014 collection represents the entire city of Toronto in a wearable attire. I am not sure what it was about this particular collection, but as soon the first piece was presented on the stage, I just feel in loved with the whole thing. The collection is not only wearable, but shows the beautiful busy city of Toronto in a form of art work. Rather than those “I love Toronto” tees these pieces simple shows the busy streets such as Spadina and the iconic CN Tower. 
Three of my favourite pieces from the whole collection are the birds on the electric wire shirt, the T.O signal white mini skirt and the C.N Tower dark tone dress.

Even thought, I complain about the weather and the lack of TTC services in Toronto, I am still a huge fan of Toronto!! Anu Raina’s Fall collection wins my votes for the best streetwear for 2014.

If you are interested to see the whole show:

Once again, thank you so much to Fashion Weekly Magazine, I was given an opportunity to attend World MasterCard's Toronto Fashion Week for Fall 2014

All the images in this post are from:

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